“Us Elevated” 2020 Valentines Week Caribbean Cruise

A Marriage Enrichment Travel Adventure!

One of the best decisions we ever made was to take our newlywed children on a cruise. It was the perfect opportunity to bond and learn about each other.

A cruise is an amazing way to travel because all the details are taken care of: food is waiting around every turn, “getting there” is planned, and all you have to do is decide what you want to do when you come into port.  Oh—AND what you want to do in your spare time on deck!

I am SO EXCITED to partner with Legacy Tours and Travel as we make your Valentine’s week cruise not only a great memory, but one that sends you home more connected and empowered than ever in your relationship.

Travel is always an education for me. I come home with a deeper understanding of the world and my travel companions. This opportunity takes travel to the next level—because when you add adventure and education together, you are bound to integrate what you learn in a more potent, playful way.

I hope you will jump on board, and come cruise with Mark and me as we learn and play together! (We can’t wait to reenact our honeymoon drift dive in Cozumel!)

Tour Includes:

  • 7 day cruise, inside cabin (upgrades available)

  • Port fees and taxes

  • “7 Principles for Making Marriage Work” workshop

  • Royal Caribbean on-board amenities

  • $50 on-board credit

Not Included:

  • Airfare to and from Galvaston, Texas

  • Travel insurance

  • Cruise gratuities ($14.50 per person, per day)

Payment Terms:

  • $300 per person deposit at time of booking, refundable up to June 20.

  • Final payment due 120 days before departure (Oct 20, 2019)

Early Bird Special:

Sign up before June 20, 2019 to receive a free “Introduction to Couples Massage and Mindfulness Class” ($125 value"). This evening class (which will take place on Day 5 during the cruise) includes handouts & ”hands on” personal instruction from Georgia (Board Certified Massage Therapist) for you and your partner. You will love it!

About The Gottman 7 Principles Workshop:

 The workshop is great for couples at any stage in their relationship. It is based on decades of data and research regarding relationship satisfaction and follows the outline of the groundbreaking book 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman. As part of the workshop, you will receive a copy of the book plus two workbooks per couple, which will be used on the days "At Sea."  

This workshop is unique, as a good portion of the time is spent one-on-one with your partner doing simple exercises that bring your relationship to a new and closer level.  Georgia will share the research and some powerful anecdotes, then set you up for success as you learn together.  She'll always be close to lend a hand if you have questions or need help.

Many people shy away from marriage workshops because they are worried about self-disclosure or embarrassment in a group.  I can guarantee there will be none of that here. You will have time to enjoy each other while developing skills to strengthen friendship, increase intimacy, and prepare for a great future together.

 FAQs - Who is this workshop intended for?


The Seven Principles Program is appropriate for couples who are: 

  • contemplating engagement or engaged

  •  newlyweds

  •  married for decades

The Seven Principles Program is inappropriate for couples who are facing :  

  • severe relationship distress

  • significant emotional or physical abuse

  • severe mental health problems

  • relationships where one or both partners are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other compulsive behavior


Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 4.10.08 PM.png

Day 1:  At Sea. Class time 9am-12pm: Introductions, Who is John Gottman and what is the big deal with his research? Lecture: The "Four Horsemen of   the Apocalypse" and how they predict relationship meltdown, Remedies for the Horsemen, The Power of Love Mapping, Fondness and Appreciation.

Day 2: Cozumel, Mexico

Day 3: George Town, Grand Cayman

Day 4: Falmouth, Jamaica

Day 5:  At Sea. Class time: 9am-12pm How to Deal with Conflict in a way that brings you closer.

8-9pm BONUS CLASS FOR EARLY BIRD REGISTRATIONS—”Introduction to Couples Massage and Mindfulness”  ($125 value) includes handouts, personal instruction from Georgia (Board Certified Massage Therapist).

Day 6:  At Sea. Class time 9am-12pm: Four Pillars of Shared Meaning, Looking Forward Together

Day 7:  Disembark