Know How Coach

About this Class:

After four decades of research, the Gottman Institute has come up with some very basic formulas, based on studying families who were successful, to build emotional intelligence in children.  This means helping children understand their emotions by recognizing what they are feeling, and why.  To do this, parents teach their kids to manage feelings in a positive way so that they can eventually regulate thier own behavior.  In this class, we follow the research, and then put that information into practice and skill building.  Though developing emotional intelligence is a lifelong journey, children with parents who Emotion Coach do better in school, have more friends, and tend to lead happy, productive, and self-managed lives as adults.

This class will give you the tools needed to become an emotionally responsive parent, and in turn, will help you create emotionally intelligent children.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn how to recognize, respond to, and validate what your child is feeling

  • Learn how to be an effective emotion coach using the 5 Steps of Emotion Coaching with children of any age

  • Discover ways to express understanding and empathy

  • Learn how to effectively set limits and problem solve with your children

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