Know How Coach Part 1

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Know How Coach-3.png

Know How Coach Part 1


The first two hours of our workshop focus on the fundamentals of coaching our children to a higher level of emotional inteliigence, focusing mainly on the research of Dr. John Gottman.

You will learn:

  • The steps to becoming an “emotion coach” for your child

  • The far reaching benefits to coaching your child through thier big emotions

  • How to get started coaching your child with simple skills and awareness.

Price includes:

  • Printable copy of all slides and worksheets

  • Virtual workshop (approx, two hours in length) to learn on your own time

  • LIVE online coaching session with Georgia on May 2, 8 pm MST (recording of this session will be available for replay)

Last day to purchase course is May 1, 2019 (But don’t wait that long! Purchase NOW in order to digest and practice the information well before we meet live)

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“This course has changed the world of my family. In just three weeks of practicing my new skills I have seen my children feel respected, honored and understood – and now they cooperate more! I have learned how to honor their true selves and how to speak to them about problems without bribing or punishing. I love the feeling in our home and I love how I feel as parent. Georgia, you have my maximum respect and gratitude. Thank you for this enormously important work. I feel like this class should be mandatory when you become a parent and the world would have less problems.” – Rowena Bright Hyldahl