Know How Coach Part 3

Know How Coach-2.png
Know How Coach-2.png

Know How Coach Part 3


Once you inderstand how to coach your child, learn more about what gets in the way, and how to coach in any situation.

Your will learn:

  • To recognize parental flooding, and tools to manage it

  • About how having an agenda for your child can be unhelpful to your relationship

  • How to coach through misbehavior and problem solve

  • Specific ways to build courage and confidence in your child

This section is packed with information about how to practically USE the coaching you have learned to do.

Price includes:

  • downloadable workshop presentation (approximately 2 hours)

  • printable slides and worksheets

  • LIVE online coaching session May 22 at 8 pm MST to discuss and review (recording will be made available if needed)

Deadline to purchase is May 21 2019 (but don’t wait that long! Purchase NOW so you can study the material and practice before our coaching session!

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“In a nut shell…this has changed ME! The way I think about my relationship with my kids and how I view them as little individuals, and allow them to express to me how they are feeling/thinking. And, making sure they know they are a vital member of our family.”   – Lindsay Johansen