I met Frances nearly 14 years ago when she traveled to Salt Lake City for business with her husband. I was wowed by her adorable personality and charming Scottish accent. We became fast friends.

Years later when Mark and I were planning a trip with one of our newlywed children, Frances insisted we go and stay at her parents farm in the Highlands of Scotland. She made all arrangements, and promised us we would find our way once we landed in Inverness.

We typically plan our own travel, so this was a real act of trust!

IMG_0116.JPG Us Elevated Highlands and Islands Adventure

We stepped off the plane, totally at her mercy, and wondered what would happen next.

All I can say is, Frances did not disappoint. Her father approached us in full Scottish garb, graciously introduced himself, and whisked us off to an experience I will never forget.

From Loch Ness, to castles, to baby sheep, to warm fireside chats and Bible readings in Scottish brogue, to unforgettable meals around the family table, and lovely piano playing hostesses, our hearts were truly changed through this experience.

Us Elevated Highlands and Islands of Scotland

Now my friend Frances is looking to start sharing her hospitality with a lucky few couples.

And I am thrilled to partner with her as a special invitation to former Attendees of the Gottman Seven Principles workshop.

This is a skills brush up, not a full course. We will spend most of our time on the roof of the “sound relationship house”, dreaming, planning, and knowing each other better while seeing the best of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.